Everyone has different reasons for seeking financial advice, but some of the most common reasons our clients have sought us out centres around major life events. We love hearing their stories and we share their hopes and dreams.

  • Young families often want to pay down debt quicker
  • Many of our clients want to send their children to private schools and save for possible tertiary education
  • Often retirement is on the horizon and they are looking forward to travelling, a few have come to us with plans to buy a campervan and take off for a few months
  • A common theme is family – many pre-retirees are cutting back at work to look after their grandchildren and want to make sure they can afford to do this, and spoil the grandchildren as much as possible
  • A few clients have come to us stating they want to start a small business so need advice about funding their venture as well as making sure they can afford to give up full time work while they focus on their new business.

Client testimonial:

When we first walked into Matt Jarrott’s office we had no idea what we wanted or needed or even where to begin. All we knew was that we wanted to start to plan for our future and not wait till we were at the end of our working lives to begin, like our parents did. We are both in our early 40s, working full time with two young children and knew we didn’t have a lot of extra cash or time in our daily lives to spend on investing but we wanted to make a start. Matt was fantastic and made us feel completely comfortable from the moment we shook his hand.

Matt took the time to gather all sorts of information about our current situation and what sort of future we were aiming for. He then took care of everything – and I mean everything.

Matt came to us with a plan for all our insurance needs and an investment portfolio to suit our budget. He explained everything in detail and answered all of our questions, even the ones I am sure I asked several times. He made sure we were completely happy and comfortable before putting anything in place. Matt even completed all the paperwork and made all the phones calls to set everything up, even the insurances, all we had to do was sign the forms, which for a time poor family, we appreciated more than Matt knows.

Matt made the whole process clear, simple and easy for us. My husband and I value the ongoing relationship we now have with Matt and are satisfied we are heading in the right direction for our future. We can’t recommended Matt and RetireInvest highly enough.

Lisa, from Victoria

Client testimonial:

Over many years we had managed to collect multiple amounts of money in various superannuation funds. We knew we should collate them into one fund to save paying multiple fees and charges.

We looked around for the best value for money and a reputable company to help us. It was important that it had been around for a long time and that we felt comfortable with them so after speaking with Julie McCallum we decided on RetireInvest.

Julie explained everything to us and provided excellent advice in a clear way to consolidate our superannuation funds. We were provided with detailed documentation setting out everything we had discussed and agreed upon.

The recommendations given to us are helping us to achieve our long-term financial goals, and have provided us with re-assurance and peace of mind that we are doing the right thing for our future.

Lorraine & Clyde

February 2016